Why you hate computer companies.

You are surfing along on your trusty computer when all of a sudden…something changes.  You didn’t do anything different than you’ve done a thousand times but now your computer is acting very strange.  It’s slower, it’s got a blue screen, it just turned off.  Any number of a things, none of them do you have a clue about.  Now, what to do.  This is the real problem with computers.  Who can help me get this piece of shit up and working without me spending the next 3 days talking to support people and blowing your brains out in frustration?  Talking with people in distant lands who you can’t understand what is being said, trying to explain something you don’t understand, to someone who has less computer knowledge than you do.  In the end only to hear, sorry that’s not our responsibility, call anyone else but us.  Or the other option, pack the thing up, bring it to the big box store you bought it from, stand in line, explain to the pimple faced kid your story and have someone maybe get back to you in a few weeks. 

This is why Recom Computers was started.  For thousands of our loyal customers who don’t ever have to deal with that mess.  In a world where customers service is disappearing faster than ice caps, we are offering more than ever.  We understand your computer can be your most important connection and is a vital part of all your daily activities.  It houses your great novel, your memories, your work and life.  Being without it for weeks or even days is not an option.  Make one phone call to us and that’s all you need.  No one knows computers like Recom.  Our reference list will be happy to share the joy.



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