Install OS X on your PC

With the latest release of OS X named Leopard, hackers have done a simple fix to allow you install it on a standard Intel or AMD based computer.  It’s a very straight forward install requiring the download of the OS named Kalway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_AMD.  You can find it on most of the peer to peer networks.  It is very important to know this is not a valid image from Apple.  It is not supported and if by some odd chance you actually like it, go and buy a real copy.  Now, having gotten the legal stuff out of the way, you will need to burn the file you downloaded with a program like Nero.  What you downloaded is called an ISO or image.  Nero will take that and burn it to a DVD that will boot your computer and load the OS X.  You will need to tap the f12 key to tell the computer to load the DVD.  If your machine is capable to run OS X it will start the install process.  You must allow it to format your hard drive, so be sure you are using an extra one or don’t need anything on it.  That should be all you need.  You can install any native Apple applications and they will work just fine.  Have fun.

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