Get a Webcam

One of the most fun things you can do with your computer is live video chatting.  Today for just a very few dollars you can buy a terrific Webcam.  They cost $20 to just around $100.   You want to look for a few features that make these things really fun.  First and most important is an included microphone built into the camera.  This will allow you to have unfettered conversations without that over the head or boom hand held microphone ruining your look.  Next thing to look for is face recognition.  This is the coolest thing ever.  It allows the camera to track you as you move around your chair in normal conversation.  The cameras without this feature force you to look like a stick figure or you are constantly moving out of frame.  When we think of futuristic gizmos, flying cars and picture phones are on top of the list.  Today is the future with these fun inexpensive camera phones.  Looks like the flying car thing will wait for our kids.

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