Adding USB ports and getting your device to work.

You just bought that great new camera or music player and your computer has no where to plug it in.  You have 2 options when buying a USB Hub.  A hub that includes a power cable to connect to the wall, or one without.  The only reason to buy a non powered USB Hub is for laptop travel.  Otherwise you will always be better off with a full powered plug in Hub.  The advantage to you is all your devises will work with it.  Many USB devices require more power than the computer you are hooking it into can supply.  That’s why many of the things you try to plug into the front ports on your computer don’t work.  The rear USB plugs draw power directly from the main board, the front plugs do not.  If your camera or music player isn’t recognized it is more than likely this exact scenario.  Your USB Hub will need it’s own power source for most camera’s and music players.

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