When to buy a Laser Printer

The cost for laser printers has come way down.  Today you can buy a good quality one for $50 with rebates.  That’s an amazing deal.  But is it the right printer for you?  As with buying razors and printers the cost is not in your hardware, it’s those damn cartridges.  In many cases they are more expensive than the printer itself.  To determine if a low cost laser is right for you decide what you will use it for.  If you never have the need to print in color and print as much as 100 pages a day, it will be a great fit.  If you don’t print much and from time to time require some color for pictures then choose a well priced ink jet printer.   If you have a home business that sends invoices, a one man accountant or lawyer, real estate agent, or a student doing lots of reports than the laser will be your perfect choice.

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