Does Anti Virus Software work?

It does work……sort of.  Let me explain how the most popular ones do their job.  Each company keeps a data base of known viruses and will update your computers virus protection with new ones as they become aware of them.  How do they become aware of them you ask?  You tell them.  When your machine is infected and lots of other machines are also infected.  Now the company will go about finding a way to fix it.  After several tens of thousands of infections a fix is found and added to that data base of known viruses.  Your best protection is to be a smart surfer.  Don’t open attachments from senders you don’t recognize.  Better yet, use a web based Email like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or one of the dozens of free options.  These offer much better protection then most of us have on our own machines.  NEVER NEVER click a pop up about anything telling you about your machine.  NEVER install software to view special content on porn sites.  DO NOT use peer to peer networks for downloading illegal stuff.  This is the most common way to have a nightmare computer disaster.

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