Can I send a Fax for free?

Today for no reason other than it was important, my fax machine decided to not work.  It would dial, and make a connection with that loud screech and then nothing.  I figured no problem, I can scan it and send it online.  That’s been around for years.  Well to my disappointment, that is really not the case.  What is available online for free is the ability to type in a box and have that sent to fax.  That is an entirely different service than faxing.  I don’t even have a name for it.  The only reason for faxing today is due to the need of a signature by someone.   If I can’t upload the document with my signature what’s the point???  Well I guess that makes sense, it was free, you get what you pay for…

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One Response to Can I send a Fax for free?

  1. Unknown says:

    try 101fax for online faxing. they respond very well even to small requests of their customers…like with my case i requested to have this default cover page they have to be removed and they processed it within 24 hours. anyway, the service is really good to at a low rate of 4.50 a month… this is already cheap compared to pricey providers we have here on the net. if it helps, go to

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