How much computer do I need?

For most of us we end up buying more computer than we actually need.  Today you have 2 choices, Dual Core or the new Quad Core chips.  How much computer power you need depends on what you do with your computer.  For the vast majority of people, who only use the computer for email and web browsing, most anything in the bargain bin will work just fine for you.  DO NOT buy your computer for tomorrow’s unknown.  Now if you have other uses for your computer such as gaming, video creation, or require dozens of open windows at one time, more computer will make a  difference.  DO NOT buy a Quad Core based machine from either Intel or AMD.  The idea of 4 separate CPU’s all working for you is great in theory.  The real world problem is no one has figured out how to use them.  A computer is only as good as the software or instructions that make it work.  Instructions need to be written in every single piece of software a computer uses explaining how to use the 4 cores and exactly what they each should be doing.  NO Software to this date has been written anywhere close to that.  As a matter of fact, very little has been written for Dual Core systems.  The only real benefit now with Dual Core is the ability to run spyware or malware at the same time you are doing actual work.

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